Feature Wall – A Turquoise Affair


Well it took some convincing, complaining and a few sighs every now and then to get my husband to re-paint our feature wall, but it’s finally paid off!

It’s not the kind of feature wall you’d expect. In fact, it’s a tiny piece of wall just off the entry way, once painted a suede mushroom pink by the previous owners. We liked the instant pop of colour and personality as you walk through the front door, so we decided to keep it there but give it a little make-over.

I love neutral tones, creams and whites but lately I’ve been drawn to soft blues, greens, jewel tones, turquoises and aqua’s so we want to bring this injection of colour into our rather sterile home.

So down come the hideous shelves that once lived on the wall and we slathered on a layer of turquoise paint. We also decided it was best to pay no attention to the colour of the, eek… pink floor tiles (Hopefully they’ll be replaced with wooden flooring one day soon).

We chose the colour Safe Harbour by Taubmans. It’s a beautiful jewel toned Turquoise (aqua) colour. It’s rich and boisterous and exactly what I had envisioned. During the day it seems to create a cheerful energy and at night the tone is moody and luxurious. I just love it!

I have big plans for this feature wall… OK, well maybe not ‘big’ plans but I have a few artistic ideas I’m throwing around in my head that I’ll share soon.

Anyway, like any home project we do together, the process wasn’t without bickering, commentary from me and my husband telling me to get out of the room, but we are both very pleased with the end result! So here’s how the transformation took place.




First we masked the edges of the wall with painters masking tape and painted a grey base coat in Taubmans Easy Coat Prep – Sealer Primer Undercoat. Secondly, we painted around the edges with an edge cutting brush and then painted the body of the wall with a roller brush in Taubmans Easy Coat paint in Safe Harbour.



Feature Wall FeatureWallFinished

Clean, crisp, modern and fun. It makes the space look so much bigger!

Purchased at: Bunnings Warehouse

Paint: Taubmans Easy Coat Walls, in Safe Harbour

Base Coat: Taubmans Easy Coat Prep – Sealer Primer Undercoat, in Grey

Paint Accessories: Bunnings


Taking a chance…

Charcoal Drawing - Work in Progress

For the past few years I’ve been trying to put together a portfolio of my best artworks, but somehow this arduous task always gets pushed to the “maybe tomorrow” pile and I walk away feeling a little disheartened.

As an artist, I’m always striving for perfection or comparing myself to others. Nothing I ever create feels good enough to put out there for everyone to see. When I create an artwork I feel very passionate about it and every brush stroke or line has a purpose. Putting your art (yourself) out there for everyone to examine and scrutinize can feel like exposing yourself for ridicule or god forbid, failure.

I’m always having friends and family telling me how much I should get my work out there and start selling it. But thoughts of self doubt come barging up behind me with pitchforks and a loud dose of reality. What if no one likes my work? And yes, I can’t help but take that personally.

After suffering a serious (and i mean serious) knock of confidence and ‘artists’ block over the past year or so I’m fed up. I feel so much joy creating art and I want to share it with everyone! So instead of throwing every piece of art I’ve ever created at you, I want to start from scratch and leave the negativity attached to old thoughts behind.

So, I’m starting a new collection! I’ve already posted a few carefully selected older artworks here but over the coming weeks I’m hoping to share a few new ideas and works in progress. I guess it’s finally time to bite the bullet and take a chance! If I want change, I need to instigate it.

Anyway, so here is my latest charcoal work in progress. I hope you enjoy seeing how it’s created as much as I enjoy creating it!

Christmas Wish List

I was going through a list of ideas to up-date my home décor in my head earlier and was bombarded with a flurry or thoughts somewhere along the line of… “No, too expensive!”,“I really couldn’t be bothered doing that”, “Do you really think you could pull that off?”

Most days I’m super excited about all the things I could be doing to our home but then the crashing thought of reality hits me like a tonne of bricks. It’s great to imagine all the pretty ideas you want to live amongst but somehow you have to find the money and time to do them all. Some days it seems that even the thought is more effort than it’s worth.

And let’s be honest, we’re not on an episode of 60 minute makeover or The Block with an army of helpers running around behind us with paint brushes! So I’ve decided that baby steps (and I mean, baby steps) are the only necessary option to get things done.

So here’s a very ‘small’ list of all the ‘big’ jobs I hopefully want to have finished by Christmas:

Re-paint the wood cladding entrance


Paint the feature wall and create an entryway/hall table space

Feature Wall

Paint and wainscot the bar area

Bar Area

I’m also on the look out for a medium to large artwork for the feature wall and entryway table decor.

I know this is pushing it considering we only have a few weeks till Christmas, but I’m hoping a few of Santa’s little helpers may like to chip in (uh-hum… dear husband, dad and brothers!)