New Art Prints in Etsy Shop!

JessAmyFlo Fine Art Prints

Here are a few new prints I’ve added to my Etsy Shop.

My Autumn Leaves and Sunset over Koh Samui landscape images are printed on a high quality lustre paper and look fantastic framed.

I’m especially excited to list my ‘Jewel of India’ peacock and ‘Scarlet Rose’ metallic prints. I am absolutely blown away by this new metallic paper. It’s so vibrant, clear and shimmers beautifully! It gives the image a sort of 3D layered effect.

Here’s a quick peak of them. But this picture was taken on my phone so the quality is blah and just doesn’t do them any justice so head on over to my Etsy Shop for a closer look. I’m also waiting on a large order of new lustre prints which I should have ready for sale in the next few weeks. Exciting!!!


Wallpaper Art – Home Decor DIY Tutorial

A recent stroke of genius from my husband and now I have a full blown obsession… wallpaper!

For the past few months we’ve had no luck searching for an artwork to place on our turquoise feature wall. One day my husband had the bright idea “How about we frame some wallpaper!” and a light bulb began to flicker inside my head. Give me an idea and I’ll run a mile with it. Soon I was envisioning every empty wall space in my house with framed wallpaper art.

So off we toddled to our local hardware store to look at their rather large collection of beautiful wallpaper. Ok, so we still couldn’t find the perfect ‘artwork’ for our wall but we did happen to stumble upon a decorator’s dream of colour, patterns and possibility.

Much to my husband’s dismay I took advantage of their free 20cm samples and I’ll admit I may have taken more than my fair share, but it was worth it!

Here is a quick tutorial on how I created a wallpaper artwork and added some colour back into our entryway table. Best of all, it is super, super EASY, FAST and FREE!

Step1: Remove the back of your frame.

Step 2: Lay the wallpaper face down and place the back of the frame onto the wallpaper.

Step 3: Trace around the frame back and cut out the wallpaper

Step 4: Place the wallpaper inside the frame and set the backing into place. Wallpaper is, well designed for walls so it’s super hard wearing. This is why I chose to remove the frame glass to prevent reflection and showcase its beautiful texture.

Home Decor and Creative Progress

Home Office Canvas Prints

What a start to the year! Despite having spent most of my holidays being bed ridden and ill since Christmas (mind you it’s summer in Australia. Who gets sick in summer?!) I have achieved an outstanding amount of things on my to-do list.

Ok, I’ll admit that decorating the house has been on the back burner for a while. There’s no point in trying to hold up a paint brush or rip out some tiles when you can barely stand up.

We seem to be taking a scatter brain approach to decorating lately. A small ‘just throwing it out there’ conversation can lead to, ‘next week we’re ripping out the laundry and starting over’ kind of approach.

I was also keen to take advantage of January sales, but I just can’t seem to find the ‘right’ decor to decorate my home with and I made a very strict promise to myself to only fill my home with things that I truly, truly LOVE!

But I did manage to find one gem amongst the rubble! I’m usually not a fan of generic canvas art, but when I saw these canvases I knew I had to have them. I’d been looking for a neutral artwork to hang above our very busy and dark computer desk for some time and come across this three piece artwork at Masters for $27. I love the organic graphic prints and soft colours and the pop of blue really helps bring our colour palette subtly into the space without commanding too much attention. I could easily see these canvases on any wall in my house.

I’ve also spent the last few weeks creating new and exciting artworks, sourcing suppliers and getting current art and photographs ready for printing. I’m hoping to have my Etsy shop up and running by end of January.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of my latest artworks coming to store soon!

Love Illustration Watermarked